The decision for your pets remains is a very personal choice. At promise veterinary care, we offer what we would be seeking for our own pet – this includes three options:

Paw Prints – Paw prints are a beautiful way to keep a memory of a beloved pet that has made a lasting impression on our hearts.

Private Cremation – Private cremation is what you would elect if you wish to have the ashes returned to you. There are several beautiful options – the most popular is a cedar box with a name plate for your pet. They are usually returned within 2 weeks and we try to do this in person if we can.

Communal Cremation – This a group cremation options, ashes are not returned but instead scattered together.

Home Burial – You may elect a home burial based on local regulations. If this is elected, please keep in mind that there should be no access to other pets or wildlife at the site.

Additional Options – If you are interested in transportation to a local pet cemetery this can be arranged on request.